Rampant Studios sheds more light on Lazarus

Rampant Studios have recently uploaded a video that answers some questions put forward to them and some new concept art for the company’s debut title, Lazarus: A Missing Memory.The game is about a wizard with a tainted past that kills a princess, thus making enemies with the king, who locks the wizard away. In his imprisonment, his memory is wiped to prevent him from using his magical powers to escape.

However, he accidentally discovers one of his powers, urging him to escape the clutches of the king. He must battle his way out of the castle for freedom.

Bamboo Raven, a Canadian based company, will also be helping Rampant Studios out with the graphical side of the game. It will be exclusive to PC and will be releasing sometime in the near future (hopefully!).

Below is a link to their IndieGoGo page which gives some more information on the game, the video that I wrote about previously and how you can donate to Rampant to aid them in the production and release of this title.

IndieGoGo- Lazarus

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