New Lost in Shadow Screenshots Released

If you’re a fan of Ico, then you most certainly want to pick up a copy of Lost in Shadow when it comes out for the Nintendo Wii. With an estimated release for fall, I seriously cannot wait for this game. Today, Hudson Entertainment released six new screenshots for this hotly anticipated title. While they don’t give too much away in terms of story, the images further drive home the overall plot of the game.

During E3 this game was revealed, and at the time all we knew was that the main character was a boy whose shadow was separated from his body. In order to reunite the two of them, you must go inside the city, but there is a huge problem. The city is being slowly swallowed alive by this growing shadow mass and you have to go through it to reach the tower where your body is. Fortunately you aren’t alone, and the nameless boy is accompanied by a sylph named Spangle.

At first glance, Lost in Shadow might seem like your everyday platformer, but its not. With puzzles thrown in the mix, the fact that gravity doesn’t affect you, and that the thin border between light and shadow does, Lost in Shadow has the potential to be not only an incredibly gorgeous game, but a mentally stimulating one as well.

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