It’s Poker, Dead Rising 2 Style!

Collectors at the ready! Dead Rising 2: High Stakes Edition has been announced! As most fans will know by now, Dead Rising 2 takes place in the Vegas like Fortune City. This special edition of the game comes with all kinds of goodies that can help you understand where you’ll be fighting off hoards of zombies and some other fun stuff to flaunt in your friend’s faces.

If you haven’t heard about Chuck and what he’s doing in this high stakes city, you should take a look at the preview Erik wrote. It’ll give you all the first hand details you need to know about. Since this game takes place in Fortune City, that’s what this special edition is all about.

The first thing you get in Dead Rising: 2 High Stakes Edition is, of course, an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 copy of the game. The second is a Fortune City Visitors Map. For those of you that like making strategies when playing games, this may be a reason to get the High Stakes Edition. The map shows everything in Fortune City as well as some ‘ads’ and pictures of attractions that you can come across in the game.

The second, and the best, is a Fortune City Poker set. It includes 100 poker chips with four different colors, 2 decks of ‘blood-stained’ playing cards (which have original character art on them), 5 regular green dice, and finally, one ‘blood-stained’ dealer chip. It’s a great way to impress your nerd friends by inviting them over for some Poker and pulling out this thing.

The third is some free downloadable content. A code comes with the game on a Terror Is Reality ticket. When redeemed, you receive a special Psycho costume and some skills for Chuck.

The last thing you can receive (I say “can” meaning only one person will get this, so good luck to all of you) is a golden Terror Is Reality ticket, which you will be able to use to redeem a 6’ Dead Rising 2 Zombie Replica. I know, not everyone likes replicas and figures but I do and I’d give anything to get that golden ticket!

Most of the time the special edition sets aren’t always worth the extra money, but for everything Capcom is giving you with this one, you might as well. Who knows when you’ll need some zombie Poker! Look for Dead Rising 2: High Stakes Edition along side the regular Dead Rising 2 when they come out September 28.

Reader Discussion

To some people, special or collectors editions are just a way for companies to make more money off of consumers. Others find that they are a great way to help immerse yourself into the worlds they love. Do you like buying collectors editions? If not, what would they need to have in them before you would?

Comment below to discuss. :)

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