Our Winners, So Far

We are over half way through our One Love for Chi Blogathon fundraiser, and while we haven’t been able to constantly post on here who the winners are, now seems like the perfect time.Kicking things off, long-time reader Austin became the owner of the Sims 3 prize package that EA kindly donated.

Following that fun, we gave away the first of four Band Hero bundle kits our friends at Activision donated. Winning the PS3 kit was new reader to the site, James C.

Afterwards, we decided it was the perfect time to hand out one of the nifty PSP game codes courtesy of Mumbo Jumbo Games. Shawn W was the winner of LUXOR: Pharaoh’s Challenge, so I hope he has a blast!

Finally, we gave away the second Band Hero kit to another long-time reader, Beckie T. She’s really been wanting the Wii version for her kids, so thanks for donating Beckie, and I hope you and the family enjoy!

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