2008 - My year in review

Today is the last day in 2008 and boy what a year this has been. The world has seen many changes, the United States has gone to hell in a handbasket, and people from all different backgrounds are saying “enough!”

My 2008 wasn’t as dramatic but it had it’s fair share of highs and lows. Since this blog is fairly new, I figure I can let you all get to know me a little bit better by letting you know what went on for my 2008. Before I get into it, I would like to thank @palak on Twitter for suggesting this idea. My mind was blank so I asked my followers. He was kind enough to tweet back, so thank you.

The year started with me getting to know Chris more. We had a fantastic Valentines Day and went out of town to Monterey. There we checked out the Aquarium and had a blast. I saw my first opera in Feburary which was Madama Butterfly. It was so beautiful that I cried and then had a horrible migraine at the end of the night. I had a stressful time planning my daughters 5th birthday party but everything came off wonderfully. The bad part was that as she was walking in, I found out that my digital camera wasn’t working so I freaked out at first but Chris saved the day because he brought his along as well. We adopted a dog named Donnie in May from the local SPCA. He is a terrier chihuahua mix and is over 4 years old. We will have to put some pictures of him up one of these days. Late May was the Michael Bublé concert which was fantastic. Most people would think that since he sings a certain style of music that he would be a bit boring, but he was very naughty. The tickets were a little pricey but it was worth every penny.

In June, Chris proposed over a romantic dinner and I obviously said yes. 10 days after that I celebrated my 26th birthday. In August we went to our first bridal show to get some ideas for the wedding. A friend of mine had her birthday at the beginning of September so we took her out to dinner where I asked her to be one of my bridesmaids.

Towards the latter part of the year, things really started to pick up. I had lost my former job towards the beginning of October so that was a huge blow to us since we had been looking for apartments at the time but it wasn’t the end of the world. Chris had his birthday on the 27th of October and I surprised him. A couple days after that on Halloween we had a massive party which was fun. While he would be at work, I would decorate the house and had started to bake. The party was a big hit and I was so exhausted afterwards.

In November I voted for the first time. I voted for Barack Obama and I voted no on Proposition 8. I was proud of what I did, but I just wish that both things that I voted for passed. A few weeks after that we celebrated my Great Grandmothers 86th birthday. Her health has been bad since last year so it came as a surprise that she made it to this one. For Thanksgiving my daughter was sick and couldn’t make it so her and my Mom were absent. Chris and I went to my Grandmas house earlier in the day so that I could start cooking and dinner came out really well.

For December, we picked the place for our wedding reception and booked it. We also started packing and on the 15th moved into our first apartment together.

What will be in store for me in 2009? Well, we started up World Of Meh so the possibilities with this are endless. I hope that we get to travel a bit more but it will be crunch time in regard to planning the wedding. I really don’t make any resolutions because I make goals for myself throughout the year.

Tonight Chris and I will be staying at the apartment because of the fog and the danger drunk drivers pose to the rest of us. May you all have a happy and safe New Years!

- She Who Has The Last Word

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Merry Chrismeh!

No, this is not some cute way to wish you a Merry Christmas by mixing my name and the site name.  Christmas was four days ago, anyway.  However, I find myself in a situation where I am able to use this pun as of very recently (this afternoon, to be more precise), and I would be remiss in letting the opportunity pass by.

Sorry, I seem to be starting the story in medias res.  Allow me to start from a point in the story that would be most appropriate; the beginning.  Earlier today, while at work, I received a message via AIM from Lindsey stating that she had created a MySpace for use with this site.  She informed me that her URL was now http://www.myspace.com/lindseymeh.  Being somewhat neurotic and obsessive compulsive, I felt the need to balance her creation of a WoM (World of Meh) MySpace with the creation of a WoM MySpace of my own!  Unfortunately, my need for balance and symmetry meant that I was forced (yes, damn it all, forced!) to use http://www.myspace.com/chrismeh as my URL.  As soon as I realized the ramifications, I became determined to make a Merry Chrismeh joke.

Merry Chrismeh.

-Because I said so

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Recycling is for Suckers

I know, not a very popular opinion, but I do have my reasons, which I will explain.  Over the past few months, Lindsey and I have been gathering large quantities of cardboard boxes, breaking them down, and storing them for a big recycling run to make some extra money.  After we moved (two weeks ago today), we decided to start the recycling run today with our moving boxes (after a foiled attempt on Saturday).  We put the boxes in the car (an Audi TT coupe; it was filled completely with boxes), and made our way to the recycling center.  When we arrived, we were told to park on a large vehicle scale for a weigh-in.  Once the fully loaded weight of the vehicle was documented, we were told to unload the cardboard onto a large pile, and return to the vehicle scale for a second weigh-in, without the cardboard.  The weight of the cardboard was determined by the discrepancy in the two weigh-in values.  It turns out we took in 80 pounds of cardboard.  You would think we would be handsomely rewarded for our eco-friendly efforts, wouldn’t you?

Turns out 80 pounds of cardboard and a sense of environmental responsibility is worth $0.80.

Woo, recycling.

-Because I said so

Eighty damned cents
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Frosty - the Alaskan threat

So I came across the “Weird News” section of msnbc.com and laughter ensued. My first laugh was courtesy of a man being arrested for performing archaic dentistry out of his apartment. The real chuckler came from the great state of Alaska.

In Anchorage, there is a rather large snowman dubbed Snowzilla. He is an enormous 25 feet tall and comes with all of the traditional trimmings. Snowzilla was a tradition, dating three years back, by the Powers family and started off being only 16 feet tall. Billy Powers and his seven children would get the snow from the neighbors’ yards to make him large enough and each year he got bigger. The Powers neighbors’ weren’t so thrilled by all of the attention Snowzilla brought to the neighborhood so they threw a bitch fit. City officials deemed Snowzilla to be a public nuisance and a safety hazard this year and the Powers’ were issued a public notice. Their reasoning behind it was because the snowman itself “increased traffic to the point of endangerment” and that “the snowman itself was dangerous.”

Snowzilla wasn’t scheduled to make an appearance this year on the Powers’ property, but they woke up one morning to the surprise. Powers’ claims to not know how he got there and expects action to be taken against him now that Christmas has passed.

Last time I checked, Christmas was supposed to be a time for people to celebrate and have fun. The Anchorage city officials sound like they need to seriously chill out (bad pun, I know) because to issue a cease-and-desist order is pretty fucking stupid. It isn’t going to come alive and attack the village. Just because it has “zilla” in the title doesn’t mean that Mothra is going to appear to start a huge battle. He isn’t going to slip the children heroin in their stockings or mug little old ladies for their crocheted pot holders.  It’s a snowman. A simple, innocent, made for the holidays snowman.

Are we running out of laws to such an extent that we feel the need to attack inanimate objects? If so, I’m packing my bags and shipping myself off to Canada. At least they will appreciate the glory that is Snowzilla.

For full article, http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28378976/

- She Who Has The Last Word

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Cheating? I think not.

Sweetie, you are unequivocally, undeniably, and unbelievably full of shit.

Internet friends, allow me to enlighten you as to Lindsey’s definition of “cheating” at Trivial Pursuit.  Verbally commanding the game to provide me with a particular dice roll (and, interestingly enough, the game providing me with the requested dice roll more often than not) is the apex of my cheating ways.

I still stand undefeated at Xbox Trivial Pursuit.

-Because I said so

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Trivial Pursuit?

After jamming to Guitar Hero: World Tour and loving how my throat hurt after doing my best rendition of Pat Benetar’s “Heartbreaker,” the gang and I decided to put Trivial Pursuit in my XBOX.

I know some of you might be thinking that a board game played on a console must suck, and those thoughts would be correct. Chris was blatantly cheating, although he would say otherwise, and I kept getting frustrated at the “Sports & Leisure” category. The only saving grace for this game is that John Cleese is one of the category announcers. If he was not a part of the game, I think I would have wanted to vomit. Not only did we play it for over two hours and turned it off after getting bored, but we also consumed mass quantaties of junk food. We ate a rather large dinner only 4 hours ago so I have no idea where we put the snackies.

I highly doubt that I will be playing this game again anytime soon and I honestly can’t remember why in the hell I purchased it in the first place. Granted it was years ago, but still. My game collection is for quality only and while I won’t throw this one out due to it being hard to find, it will be the proud collector of dust and the guardian of better titles such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (which I have cracked out on over this weekend logging in about 26+ hours).

The night is still young, it is just Chris and I alone in the apartment now, and I think I might put KOTOR back in so that I can get my kicks off of HK-47.

- She Who Has The Final Word

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World of Men?

So I’m sitting on the couch with my laptop, Lindsey, and Lianne (my cousin’s wife; cousin-in-law?) playing Guitar Hero: World Tour, when Lindsey decides to fire up Firefox (no pun intended) and load up the World of Meh!  Unfortunately, or rather, fortunately, her finger slipped near the end, and she managed to navigate not to the World of Meh, but the World of Men (a rather lovely site; take a peek at http://www.worldofmen.com/).  Needless to say, they were embarrassed, and I was incredibly aroused.

-Because I said so

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Hi there!  My name, as you could probably tell from my username, is Chris.  My co-conspirator in this venture is my lovely soon-to-be wife, Lindsey.

If you are reading this while it is still relevant as the first post of this new site, then it is our pleasure to inform you that, if you would be so kind as to check back regularly, you will be treated to a great deal of poignant commentary on society, politics, and the human condition (but most likely dick, fart, and droopy boob jokes).

If, on the other hand, you are reading this by browsing through our archived data, and many years have passed since this initial post, then it is our pleasure to inform you that, being filthy rich from advertising and merchandise profits as a direct result of this site, you are far beneath us, and we won’t demean ourselves by attempting to give you even so much as the time of day.

Enjoy our World of Meh!

-Because I said so

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