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Episode 20 Recap

Episode 20 has come and gone!  21 weeks, 20 episodes (yeah, sorry about that one week).  Unfortunately, however, this week will bring us to 22 weeks, 20 episodes, as we will not be able to broadcast this week due to Nine Inch Nails and Jane’s Addiction!  Anyway, we had a decent show, a higher viewer [...]

Episode 19 Recap

Episode 19 was a good, long, fun episode.  Shortly into the episode, we had to accelerate our migration plans by moving the show over to Justin.TV early.  UStream had been experiencing severe technical issues that resulted in our decision.  Going forward, all episodes will be broadcast through Justin.TV.  We talked about the same kind of [...]

Episode 18 Recap

I don’t remember a single thing about episode 18!  I have no idea where the show notes are!  Isn’t this an awesome recap? Once I find the notes, I’ll come back and edit this one! -Because I said so

Episode 17 Recap

One day before Episode 18 hits, and the Episode 17 recap is going up!  Talk about time management, folks! Episode 17 was over 3 hours (we had a lot of time to make up from missing the previous week!), and it was a lot of fun.  We had a lot to talk about.  We discussed [...]

MehCast Fail

I’m sitting here on my iPhone in a Starbucks about 45 minutes from home while Lindsey handles a very last minute Mary Kay appointment. I brought the laptop and our broadcasting equipment so that I could do the MehCast on time. Twenty minutes to show time, I try to boot up, only to be greeted [...]

Year 1 Episode 16 Recap

Episode 16 has come and gone, and with it another week in our lives.  It’s odd to think that we’ve been doing this for sixteen straight weeks.  Episode 16 was a standard episode, discussing the week’s topics, and whatever movies, tv shows, etc that we had watched or wanted to watch.  We put together another [...]

Year 1 Episode 15 Recap

Coming into our 15th episode (holy cow, that went quickly), we were a bit rushed.  We had taken a nap, and woke up with just enough time to start doing our show notes and get our equipment set up.  We were still working on the tail end of our show notes as we started the [...]

Year 1 Episode 14 Recap

Right before our show tonight Chris and I got instantly aggrivated courtesy of our dog, Donnie. Chris had taken him outside to use the restroom prior to the show and apparently Donnie thought it would be cool to go behind the couch and piss on the carpet. After putting Donnie in his kennel, and after [...]

Year 1 Episode 13 Recap

This one is a few days late also, but we have our excuses!  Episode 13 was fairly short, as the past few episodes seem to also have been,  unfortunately.  We had a few topics to discuss, as usual, and went over our usual “…of the Week” items.  The interesting stuff started happening after the show [...]

Year 1 Episode 12 Recap

This is VERY late in coming, and because of that, I have no idea what we talked about in Episode 12!  I remember only a few things.  Our show was rescheduled from our regular Friday night time to Sunday afternoon, because Lindsey and I went out of town for a conference.  We did our basic [...]

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