Rainblood: Town of Death - An Overlooked PC Game

Originally from China, Rainblood has been through many patches, translations, and rewrites but it has finally made it’s way to the states. This game has many different aspects that make it appealing to anyone who has a deep love for RPGs and Eastern culture.

The game takes place in a small fictional town called Pang which is in a country called Central Land that mirrors real-life China. You play as a mysterious Samurai trapped in the town. The town has recently fallen victim to a malicious virus that is killing off all of the villagers. The virus and other mysterious events seem to have something to do with your character’s past. The battle style is similar to Pokemon games however, you cannot just attack, attack, and attack or you will find yourself getting a game over again and again.

The game has a very dark and gloomy feel to it although it isn’t the usual dark and gloomy. It’s more like a gray tint that comes right before a big rain storm. Despite the gloominess, the game is very appealing to look at. Everything in the game was drawn by hand which makes the whole thing feel like an anime that you control and play through, which I found to be amusing and entertaining. The music adds to the dark and gloomy feel and also carried that calm before the storm feeling the visuals convey. The two go hand in hand, enriching the entire experience.

I was very happy to have the privilege to play this game. Unfortunately, I only got to play the trial version which I would suggest to everyone else thinks it sounds appealing. The game only cost $9.99, which is well worth the experience and fun you will take away from it. I highly recommend this game to anyone that likes RPGs or deep involving stories. Rainblood: Town of Death is an overlooked PC Game that deserves a higher praise than it has been getting.

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  1. Austin Alan Austin Alan says:

    it’s sad that good games arent noticed because there is such an overload of mediocre stock titles

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