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More Raffle Prizes Courtesy of Mumbo Jumbo Games!

Thanks to our friends at Mumbo Jumbo Games, we now have more goodies to give away during our One Love for Chi/Blogathon raffle coming up on the 31st! If you own a PSP, you should be getting excited. Not only has Mumbo Jumbo donated three great PSP games, but they have given us three copies of each!

First up is 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, a beautiful, vibrant puzzle game where you have to match up three same colored runes to supply your workers with enough building stones needed to construct the 7 wonders. Each level contains a tiled field filled with multi-colored runes. By swapping adjacent tiles, and creating three in a row of matching colors, either vertically or horizontally, the runes disappear. Then, the tiles below the runes turn into rocks that fall to the ground and break so that the workers can collect and use the materials.

7 Wonders of the Ancient World features three different game modes: Story, Free Play, and Rune Quest. In Story and Free Play, the timer to the right displays the amount of time left to remove all of the tiles and any Cornerstones from the level. Those tasks must be completed before the liquid fully drains out of the timer, and in order to move on to the next level.

In Rune Quest mode, an indicator can be found in the top left corner of the screen, letting you know how long you’ve been playing the current level. There is also a ‘best time’ displayed on the left-hand side, in addition to the required number of tiles that must be removed before you can complete the level.

Next up is Super Collapse! 3. Like 7 Wonders, it’s a puzzle game, but different. Rather than having to create rows of like colors, Super Collapse! 3 requires you to find groups of three or more of the same color blocks that are touching each other. In order to make them disappear, you just press the X button on your PSP. By eliminating large groups of blocks, or by clearing the entire board, you can earn bonus points.

In Quest! mode, you are able to purchase Special Items and Quick Play game modes in the Shop with coins you’ve earned along the way, except for the Gravity Bomb item. All items purchased will appear in your Special Items box, and to access them, you hold down the R button on your PSP followed by using the directional pad to select which item you wish to use. Once you have completed your selection, pressing X will activate it. There are several areas available on the Quest! map you can enter, and Casino’s are included in every area. It costs coins to play in the Casino area, but you can earn more by completing levels or by winning Casino games. Like the Casino, Shops are featured in every area.

In Quick Play, you are able to unlock seven game modes. When you begin Quick Play, the only mode available is Classic Mode, but the remaining six can be unlocked by beating Quest! levels. In most game modes, you beat a level by preventing the blocks from filling the screen. Also, in Super Collapse! 3, you can battle against other players in Multi-player Mode, and either host your own for up to two players, or search for an existing one.

Finally, LUXOR: Pharaoh’s Challenge. Featuring 88 levels of gameplay, take an adventure through Egypt in this highly popular marble-shooter. Long chains of spheres are pushed by Scarabs, and at the bottom of the screen, you control the shooter that fires additional spheres into the chain.

If you’ve never played LUXOR, you are seriously missing out because it’s a lot of fun. Basically you fire spheres of different colors into the chain. The objective is to match the spheres you fire with the spheres in the chain, and when you create a set of three or more, those spheres disappear. The chain travels down a path, and while sometimes the path can be simple like a spiral, other times it’s very intricate. Either way, there is an end to that path, and you need to make sure that the spheres in that chain don’t reach the end. Should a sphere make it to the Pyramid, you will lose the level, and a life. When you get three matches in a row, a power up will drop down, and you must catch them before they reach the playing field or they will be lost. Power ups fall into two different categories: shooter and instant.

In Adventure Mode, you will earn powerful blessings that will aid you on your journey, along with Ankh coins that you can catch and earn extra lives. Also, you can collect treasures while you play, and when you eliminate a chain of spheres, not only will you complete that level, but you will be rewarded with gems and treasures.

All games are downloadable titles through the PlayStation Network Store. After winners are chosen, they will receive an email with the title of the game, along with the appropriate code. Codes can be redeemed immediately, and can be enjoyed once the game has finished downloading.

So, there you have it dear readers! Three awesome games, and 9 chances to win, from our friends at Mumbo Jumbo.  If I were you, I’d be seriously excited right now, and to all you PSP owners out there, I am insanely jealous. How do you earn a chance at winning these, and other fabulous prizes? Donate to our One Love for Chi/Blogathon fundraiser! For all of the details, including how you can earn extra entries, look no further than here!

Thanks again to Mumbo Jumbo for their fantastic donation to our cause, and good luck to everybody!

- Me

Don’t own a PSP but are interested in getting the titles above for PC? Check out the Official Mumbo Jumbo Website where they have 7 Wonders, Super Collapse!, LUXOR, and so much more! Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter too!

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4 Responses to “More Raffle Prizes Courtesy of Mumbo Jumbo Games!”

  1. deaf_omega says:

    awww, I already have these in a mumbo jumbo CD-ROM set I got a few years back

    fun games, I bet erin would be excited, she is all about her PSP ^_^

    • lindsey says:

      I’m a big fan of Greek mythology, so the 7 Wonders game is right up my alley. Unfortunately, I lack a PSP. Good thing is that they have a PC version :)

  2. deaf_omega says:

    my PSP doesnt get used, in fact I play it so little that it has become a universal remote for my TV and VCR

    PSP hasnt really been cool for a few years at least…same kinda goes for DS, but at least DS feels like a super super nintendo

    I dunno, PSP for me wasnt anything till I put CFW on it, and ran old PSX titles on it ^_^

    *off topic, but on my mind*
    I have a lil bit of that video done ^_^


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