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Hilarious CoD Black Ops ‘Unboxing’ Video

If you have a pulse then you know that Call of Duty: Black Ops is finally out. Since there is much hype surrounding this game, a man, known as KevinWK on YouTube decided to take it upon himself and have somebody film him opening the package his Prestige Edition came in… and it’s pretty epic.

In what can only be described as a moment that has set the gaming community back decades, KevinWK is dressed up in his Sunday best, ready to share with the world his prized possession.

Some of my favorite moments are when he says that Infinity Ward is behind the game, when it is actually Treyarch, how some really strong Mexicans had to have been the ones packaging the Prestige Edition, and how his father, a Vietnam veteran, would treasure the enclosed “medal”, so naturally it would make the perfect Christmas present.

Clocking in at 7:48, get ready for some major lulz, because I have a feeling that this is about to take the internet by storm. Oh, and yes… he is wearing Jack Daniels boxers. Enjoy.

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  • Jason Farris

    OMGosh that was crazy! my fav line is when he cracks himself up about what he says is a ‘pee’ hole

  • Henrik

    O.O wth lmao, Speechless, “Good thing I’m a man of above average strenght”…

  • John Mendoza

    I think that his dad did way too many drugs in Vietnam. I like how he said, “It takes 12 double A batteries so you might need to hit a Home DeePot on your way home!” And then “That he is above average strength!” I also noticed he shaved camo patterns into his chest hair! LMAO!

  • chris

    I honestly believe this is a joke. I refuse to believe in a world where people are genuinely this stupid.

  • Austin

    god help us! :O

  • Amber

    Body. Hair. Camo. Yes, we’re going to have to make this the new gamer Rick Roll.

  • chris

    You have to admit, he did a great job at shaving that camo on his body. Gotta respect the effort.

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