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Apple Store Blues

After visiting Lindsey’s great-great-uncle for his 91st birthday, we headed to the Apple Store to buy the Griffin Clarifi case for the 3G iPhone I bought her this week.  We got there shortly after 8:00pm, and while looking at the wall of accessories, an associate stopped by to ask us if we needed any help.  This associate was Michael M.  Remember this, folks, because his name will come up again.  We asked what few questions we had, which were answered to the best of his ability, and then we continued browsing for a few more moments.  8:15 rolls around, and we’re ready to check out.  At this time, most, if not all, of the associates are occupied, so we wait and take a look at some iPhone dock speakers.  When we look up again, a few minutes later, we notice that one or two of the associates were no longer helping any customers.  We decided to continue looking at the speakers as we waited for one of the now free associates to inquire if we were ready to check out or needed any assistance.  We stop looking at the speakers and just stand there, looking at nothing in particular, waiting for someone to come help us.  A few minutes later, Lindsey goes to sit down.  She notices that one of the free associates has glanced at me a few times, but apparently not found me worthy of his help.  It becomes a battle of wills.  I will not go to ask for help, as it would indicate weakness and surrender.  I mean, for God’s sake, I could buy the exact same case from ThinkGeek for cheaper.  It’s not like the Apple Store has a monopoly on this item that would make me stay until they decided to acknowledge my existence.  An associate walks past me, completely failing to recognize my presence, and starts having a chat with the other free associate.  At this point, I am standing with the item and the credit card I wish to use in my hand.  My hand, in turn, is extended horizontally outward from my body, clearly indicating that I want to give them my money in exchange for this product.  I am passed yet again, without even an attempt at eye contact.  30 minutes after we were ready to check out, Michael M finishes helping the person he ditched us for and, after passing by me twice, notices that I am still standing in the same position, and asks if I was ready to check out.  Giant grin on my face, I indicated that I was indeed ready to check out, and the process goes smoothly from there.

The associate who kept glancing at me, but not doing his job, gave us a kindly “Thanks for coming!” as we departed, which we failed to return.

-Because I said so

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  1. deaf_omega says:

    I think I would have told them all to fuck off and gone somewhere else…or started some shit and hoped for reduced price for a half hour ignoring


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