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Portal 2 DLC Announced

You know how I feel about Portal 2. It’s the only game I’ve given a perfect score (and may, in fact, be the only game that we, as a whole, have given a perfect score to, though some others have come tantalizingly close). The only imperfect thing about it is that there weren’t more test chambers, gameplay modes, or leaderboards. If ONLY there were some way to add those features post-release…wait, what? DLC for Portal 2 has been announced? Continue Reading

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Marooners’ Talk: Episode 007 - “GIR! Why was there bacon in the soap?!”

Why, indeed? Episode 007 of the critically acclaimed (not really) Marooners’ Talk podcast, titled “GIR! Why was there bacon in the soap?!” is done and ready for your listening pleasure! This episode again features the dulcet tones of Chris and Lindsey only, since none of our writers like us enough to chat with us about cool stuff for an hour (insert sad face so sad that a simple emoticon could not hope to convey the truly Homeric sadness felt at this abandonment here). Continue Reading


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Marooners’ Talk: Episode 006 - “The Badger Flies at Midnight…”

UPDATE: Due to an unforeseen technical difficulty, the deadline for the Marvel vs. Capcom 3/Marvel Digital Comics contest is pushed back until 11:59 PM PST on Wednesday, March 9th giving you all time to get your submissions in. Also, we realize that the phrase might be a little more obscure than originally intended so here is a hint: read the Wikipedia page for X-Men’s Wolverine to help you out.

The armadillo’s shell is vociferous. The marmoset juggles the coconuts. The hippopotamus pirouettes gracefully. The strange man enjoys creating strange code phrases. Episode 006 of Marooners’ Talk, titled “The Badger Flies at Midnight…”, is now online for your listening pleasure. We do something different this week and include a key-phrase related to Wolverine, the Marvel Comics character. What do you do with this key-phrase? You email us at [email protected] with a subject of “MvC 3″ and the key-phrase in the body before 11:59pm PST, Monday, March 7th. Why should you bother? Well, one lucky random winner will receive a (slightly-opened and used) copy of the normal Xbox 360 version of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and one lucky random winner will win a redemption code for one free month of full access to Marvel’s online digital comic database. Sweet! Continue Reading


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Review: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (360)

Marvel vs. Capcom is a game franchise so well known that all you have to do is merely mention its title and gamers around the globe will begin to tell stories of epic battles and who their favorite characters are. Of course, there are the never-ending discussions about which female character is the hottest (Morrigan FTW), or who is the best at the game, but none of that really matters. MvC 1 & 2 are iconic arcade games and, if you see the cabinets somewhere, you automatically gravitate towards them.

I’ve put many hours, and many quarters, into Marvel vs. Capcom 2. It is a game where I was instantly hooked, and I loved it so much that, when I was working at GameStop many years ago, I immediately grabbed a copy for the Dreamcast even though I didn’t own the console. I then went so far as to purchase the version that came out for Xbox because I was that big of a fan. Well, imagine how thrilled I was to hear that a third installment of the franchise would be coming in 2011.

It’s okay, go ahead, imagine me jumping for joy. I’m not going anywhere.

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Community Game Night: Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Well, it’s short notice, but tonight we’ll be back with our Community Game Night after taking a week off. What’s our game of choice? Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for Xbox 360!

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Review: King of Fighters ’94 (PSN)

I’ve commented enough times about the SNK Neo-Geo and its games being hard. Obscenely hard. And then when you’re a completist like me, fighting games from the Neo-Geo can be a nightmare. They’re tough, and there’s a lot of characters. Hence why King of Fighters ’94 may be the fighter that’s taken me the longest to beat. Continue Reading

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Marooners’ Talk: Episode 004 - “I Wanna Take You For a Ride!”

The fourth episode of Marooners’ Talk features our new numbering system where the episode number actually matches the number of episodes! I know, I know, we’re bucking our system, throwing your world on its head, shattering everything you once believed to be true. Frankly, we got tired of explaining that Episode 2 was actually our third episode, etc.
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Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is Out, DLC is on the Way

Happy MVC3 Day! You already don’t own all of MVC3. Capcom is gonna release some new costumes and stuff soon. That’s just terrific. Continue Reading

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Mad Catz Has an Epic Q3

Normally, we don’t post stuff about company finances here on Marooners’ Rock, but when something so newsworthy comes in, we just have to share. Today, Mad Catz reported that their fiscal third quarter was a pretty big deal, and one can’t help but agree.

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Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Lets You Punch Galactus in the Face

Try to eat my planet will you?! Be the last boss standing between me and victory will you?! I don’t think so you stupid helmet wearing purple clad giant! Continue Reading

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