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The Great Crow Debate

The Crow was an amazing movie. This would also be the last role for Brandon Lee. Unlike most other comic book movies this one stayed true to it’s original form. It was dark and gritty, the soundtrack was fantastic, and it really sucked the viewer into it’s world. I remember seeing it the second day it came out in theatres. I was in 7th grade at the time and I was in awe throughout the entire film, until the end when I was in “awww.” The final scenes with Eric at Shelly’s grave completely destroyed me. Not only did I cry in my seat, bawling like a baby with my Mom laughing at me since she was sitting right next to me, but I cried throughout the entire lobby, through the parking lot, and during the entire ride back home. I was so deeply scarred by that movie that I would continue to cry even during later viewings of the movie.

The Crow has always been one of my favorite movies and it will probably remain one of them. I even made the stupid mistake of watching the sequels, abominations though they were. I will admit that the second one wasn’t as bad as part three, but it paled in comparison to the original.

On New Years Day, Chris and I had people over for brunch. One of our guests was a friend named Amanda. I can’t remember how we got on the topic of The Crow but I believe it got started when Amanda saw the movie on our shelf. A remark was made on how she recently saw the movie and I started waving my fangirl flag in shock that it had taken her this long to see it. Nothing could have prepared me for what I heard next. “I saw the second one a long time ago and I liked it better,” she said.

Amanda had seen the sequel years before seeing the original and for some reason, unknown to me and the rest of the world, she liked it better. She thought it was fucking fantastic compared to the first. I thought I had lost my damn mind hearing that statement. Chris and I proceeded to ask her as to why she felt that way. Her reasons were because of the plot and because she thought the main actor was better. I even recall her telling me that she thought Vincent Perez was hot and sexy. I guess that validates her reasons…NOT. Brandon Lee was hot and sexy!

I personally thought the plot in the sequel was ass, and Vincent Perez came nowhere close to Brandon Lee. The only cool parts in City of Angels were the little red angel wing tattoos on Mia Kirshners back, Iggy Pop, Thuy Trang who was the original Yellow Ranger, and the appearance of Deftones in the Dia De Los Muertos parade.

The soundtrack didn’t have nearly as many good songs, with a prime example being that Hole was included, and the villain wasn’t even scary. In fact, I don’t even remember the villain. That’s how ass this movie was and still is.

I adore Amanda, I really do, but after hearing that blasphemy in my apartment I didn’t want to give her any of my tasty bacon I had finished cooking. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. How could somebody who has even minimal intelligence prefer anything but the original?

This my friends shall be one of those great questions in life that shall forever be unanswered, along with why people prefer creamy over chunky when selecting peanut butter.

- She Who Has The Last Word

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