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King of Kings 3: An Introduction to the Class System

Lately, I’ve been bringing you news about some of the good, free to play, online games and today, I’ve got another for you to watch for! Introducing King of Kings 3. Unlike the others King of Kings 3 has something that makes it more unique than the others, it’s class system.

Gamico has introduced their latest MMO, King of Kings 3. It hasn’t been released yet and is currently running in a closed beta, however their website has opened up and anyone is welcome to register to check out some features early.

One of the things that attracted me to this game was its complex class system. I hate playing games that have you on one set path and don’t allow you to deviate from it. This game was a surprising treat, allowing you to move through different classes to eventually become the warrior you always wanted to be.

One of the classes that most people are likely to choose from is Warrior. Sorry if you don’t choose warrior, it’s just the most common. Warriors typically use swords and fight in close range combat with a shield for defense. You will spend about half of your time in the game as a generic warrior. You get rewarded at level 50, being allowed to change your character type to something more advanced. You have three choices between Berserker, Ranger or Knight. Each one revolves around different types of fighting.

As a Berserker, you will continue with the close range combat except that your attacks will do more damage. As a Ranger, you can use long range attacks and some magic. Finally, a Knight will fight while on a horse and will be able to move faster than most other characters.

At level 90, you are rewarded again with another character upgrade. If you chose Berserker you will be able to choose between Warlord, Demon, or Fighter. If you chose Ranger you will be able to choose between Holy Fighter, Assassin or Bard. If you chose Knight, you can be a Paladin, Dark Knight, or Dragon Knight.

Overall, you get a choice between 27 different classes in the game. I only mentioned 13 here, if you want to see the others you’ll have to play the game for yourself. No news yet on the official release but you can still register early! Head over to the King of Kings 3 website to check it out!

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