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Sunday Giveaway Extravaganza!

Update: Congrats to our winners: wetware, Trin, Katy Vaz, Parker Scott, Samuel and Chris!

Hello everybody! World of Meh feels like getting in the holiday spirit so for the next 8 hours, we are having a giveaway extravaganza!

Starting at 1:00 PM PST, and going until 9:00 PM PST, we will be giving our readers the chance to win prizes from our goodie bag. Everything will be a surprise, but here are some hints:

  • Some of the prizes can be worn
  • Some of the prizes can be played
  • Some of the prizes can go on items you use on a daily basis

To enter our giveaway is simple. Leave a comment below telling us about your most memorable holiday. Also be sure to comment using your contact email. Winners will be chosen at random, and will be notified via email.

As always, World of Meh staff are ineligible to win, and winners must live in the continental United States.

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  • Andrew

    My most memorable holiday experience was in 2005, when my sister and her husband brought their then four month old son, and I saw him for the first time. It was interesting to see him react to things like a lighted and decorated Christmas tree, and even his own reflection in a mirror.

  • Spookygirl


  • Spookygirl

    Sorry!! Hit done too soon, damn tiny phone screen :)

    My best Christmas memory was the year I got my cabbage patch kid :) my parents had got me a new 10 speed bike, but my leg was broken so they went out at the last minute and got me a CPK so I’d have something to play with on Christmas lol!

  • wetware

    My most memorable holiday was My first X-mas after my oldest was born. I stayed up all night getting everything ready for him to see in the morning. I knew he was too young to remember or react to it but I couldn’t help myself. It was so much fun going to my in laws and my families house that morning! But that night, falling asleep with the lil guy all tuckered out was the best present in the world. :D

  • Keklar

    My most memorable holiday was just last year, as my first Christmas together with my wife! Was amazing to wake up together and head to your tree to open presents :)

  • Trin

    My most memorable is when I was really young and gave my Gram her present. She made such a big deal of such a simple gift that I loved making her happy.

  • likedamaster

    When I got my first Voltron.

  • meeyeehere aka Rachel Crisman

    My best Christmas was when I was 8 and I was really sick with pneumonia.My Grandparents were taking care of me and my dad actually came and brought presents!I remember my stocking had the best candies ever and I even got a cabbage patch doll too.My sister and I always remember that year very fondly.Being sick made my father come to see me and it seemed to make everyone very nice and happy that year.
    [email protected]

  • lindsey

    Even though I am not eligible to win a prize, I thought I should share my most memorable holiday, and it’s because it was pretty embarrassing. In the early 90′s it was fashionable to wear thick tights and then a large shirt with a vest over it. Since I was a kid at the time, I was at the mercy of my Mother in terms of what to wear. The presents were always stacked up and one person would be in charge of grabbing them and distributing them, and I was given that role that particular year. One time, when bent over and reaching for a present, it became clear to all who were there that the tights I had on weren’t so thick and pretty see-thru! So there I was in front of my family, showing off my little girl underwear covered in bows and all sorts of frilly stuff. To make matters worse, a picture was taken of the moment, and while I do have it, I’m not about to scan it for all of the internets to see, lol!

  • wetware

    Hahaha That is amaaaaazing!!! Lindsey!

  • Katy Vaz

    my most memorable christmas would probably be when i got my gameboy for christmas. my older brother always played it, but i was too young for my own. when i got my own i went crazyyyy. not as much as the N64 viral video but close enough :]

  • Henrik

    I’m not elegible also but i’d like to share some too :) .My best Christmas experience was last year, it was the first time ever I organized (or tried to) a family dinner. It was chaos trying to get everything in place and in order. But in the end it was worth it, dinner was great, and it was pretty awesome to have all the family together despite all of our differences, one of the best dinners ever.

  • Parker Scott

    My most memorable holiday was the Christmas I got my Wii. It was the first Nintendo console I didn’t buy ASAP - mainly because it looked and sounded silly to me, and I didn’t buy into the idea of the controller. A remote? Where are all the buttons? How am I supposed to hold it? My friend Brian ended up getting one before me when it launched in November, and it only took me playing Wii Sports Tennis for 30 minutes before I was sold on Wii. I wanted one.

    I went looking EVERYWHERE for Wiis. This was when they were impossible to find, and that impossibility was not exaggerated. I went from store to store, from Targets to Best Buys, from Gamestops to Game Crazy’s. I even got desperate and went to place like ShopKo and K-Mart (places I hate).

    Under the pretense that Wiis were just nowhere to be found that year, Christmas morning brought Wii games and accessories, but no Wii. I kept unwrapping gifts, hoping the trail of Wiimotes and Wii points cards was leading to the console itself, but alas, to no avail. I was sad, but understanding.

    After we opened presents that morning, I went and took a shower. Once I was out, I walked out of the bathroom, still wet and toweled, to see my family sitting around a single box with a humongous bow on it. I threw some underwear on and tore open the package to find a small little Wii, impossibly sitting before me. Euphoria! My dad had paid $500, twice the MSRP, on eBay just to get it for me. I spent the next week playing Wii Sports and Twilight Princess. I think it’s safe to say that I was a spoiled only child.

  • Mike

    My most memorable Christmas was when I found our presents underneath the stairs two weeks before Christmas. I had to keep everything a secret from my brothers. It was hard to do, since I knew what we were getting.

  • lindsey

    Man, that sounds like a seriously awesome Christmas. We got our Wii a few months after it came out when we received our tax return :)

  • Mike

    I forgot to include what it was that we got that year. Wrestling Buddies! Remember those? I got the Ultimate Warrior, and my brothers got Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan.

  • Samuel

    My most memorable holiday involved a very non-festive past time… Revenge. A little back story is in order: I have a twin brother who has always liked video games. He’d play them for hours at a time. Growing up we obviously shared every gift giving holiday. Every time a new system would be released, it always ended up on the top of his list. Now, my family isn’t destitute, but my parents didn’t really have enough to get an expensive system for him and something of equal value for me. Their solution, invariably, was to give the systems to both of us.

    Enter December, 2000. The PS2 had been released and, as usual, topped my twin’s desires. My parents couldn’t afford the system and had informed my brother of it. He thought they were trying to surprise him. I knew better and put my plan into motion. I bought two cookie tins and wrapped them from me to my twin. I then used a borrowed PS2 box to hide the treats and had my sister help wrap it. Christmas came and my twin’s eyes lit up upon seeing the box marked with our names. As was tradition we saved it for last.

    As he opened it, he knew that it was a PS2 box and said, “Thanks Mom!”. I urged him to open it. I watches as confusion, realization and anger set in. After giggling through the three punches he gave me, he didn’t talk to me for hours.

    He never said that we both wanted a console system again.

    (This year I plan to bring back the joke with my nieces and nephew, but will actually have the system. It will just be hiiden until after the realizations sink in. I can’t wait to see their faces!)

  • Jason

    I’m hoping for the ‘dinner at our house’ coupon. If not that.. an endless noodle bowl

  • Chris

    My most memorable Christmas has to be Christmas of 1993. I was 10 years old, and I had a shiny new Gateway 2000 486sx PC, with CD-ROM that I simply couldn’t wait to try out.

    Lo and behold, my aunt Sue, being the “cool” aunt, bought me one of my very first PC games that Christmas - The 7th Guest!

    Of course, in hindsight, that game probably wasn’t the best thing a 10 year old should have been playing, but that only made it that much more exciting

  • lindsey

    I totally remember those! A friend of mine had them and whenever I would go to his house to play (I was the only female in the group) we’d play fight and wrestle with them. Good times!

  • lindsey

    I can’t believe you still remember the endless noodle bowl :) We’ll definitely try to arrange something and have you come on over. Since it’s the holiday season things are a bit busy, but we’ll figure it out.

  • JamesC

    The funny part is I had a great story of my brother being an ASS and how I still remember it to this day, Him giving me Harry Potter Cookie tins inside a PS2 Box… UNFORTUNATELY, Sam beat me to telling the story! So hey at least I brought another regular reader into your mix, lol…

  • chris

    I’m so glad I’m an only child. :D

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