YouTube or Utube


Utube VS Youtube


YouTube and Utube (Universal Tube) may sounds similar but they had nothing more common then having same name. One is a most popular American online video sharing platform which was later owned by Google in 2006.

And the other domain Utube is owned by the company which deals with buying and selling of pipe mills, tube mills and other parts of forming mills.  Utube was owned by the company in 1996 many years before YouTube.

Once YouTube getting popular among the people, Its result in crashing peoples mistakenly to Utube. Now it has move from Utube to But Universal Tube Company still own Utube domain.


Online YouTube Video Download



·         For Online  YouTube video download click Here.

·         Enter the link of video you have choose for download.

·         Click on download button.

·         And you are done.


How to login into YouTube Channel or Accounts


·         Click here to land on YouTube.

·         Click on the login button on the top right screen

·         Provide your username and password, and press enter.

·         You are successfully login to your YouTube Channel or account.


How to Create YouTube Channel


For the creation of YouTube channel , Initially you will need a Google (Gmail) account to get access on YouTube.


·         Once you are login with your Gmail account go for YouTube.

·         Your Google (Gmail) account was automatically connected to  YouTube

·         Look for icon on top right side of the page ( Indicating with your id name)

·         Click on Your Channel.

·         You are done with creating YouTube Channel.

·         If you want to change channel name, click on the top right icon.

·         Click on Your Channel.

·         Click on Customize Channel.

·         Go for basic info.

·         Now enter your relevant channel name and description, And Click Publish.

·         You are done changing YouTube channel name.



How to Upload Video on YouTube

When you are landing on YouTube. Look for the camera Icon. Click on Upload button. Select the video file by clicking on select button. Now click on upload. Wait for the while to upload video.

After all these enter the relevant title description and tags for the video. These things enhance the video ranking and reach to the maximum numbers for peoples.


How to Monetize YouTube Channel


There is some requirement from YouTube to qualify for monetization.

·         Your channel videos must have at least 4,000 hours watch time over the last 12 months.

·         You must have no. of 1,000 subscribers.

·         You must comply with YouTube Policies and guidelines.


 There are certain reasons by which YouTube does not allow monetization on your channel.   The most common reasoned is duplicate content or copyrighted content.

If you have reached to above discussed requirement, Follow these simple step to enable monetization on your channel.

1.      Click on the top right channel icon and then press My Channel.

2.      Click On YouTube Studio Beta.

3.      Once you landed on YouTube Studio Beta. Find the channel menu on the left side of the page.

4.      Now click on Features and then go for Monetization.

5.      At the end, on the monetization page, Click on the start button.

Once you have followed all these process, you have accepted and agree for YouTube partner program terms. Now you have to just setup your AdSense account or if you already have AdSense account, you just need to link it with your YouTube Channel.

Monetization may take up to 30 days to look into your application. In case of rejection of application, YouTube will provide you reasoning of it.

How to Create YouTube Business Account

If you don’t know about YouTube business account, you’re very late to step-up a YouTube Business account. Many people had started to grow and interact with their audience and client with YouTube business account.

Following steps will help you to create YouTube business Account.

1.      Create a new Google account or sign in with existing account, Make sure this account is specifically dedicate to your business name or brand.

2.      Once you are with your account, Land on YouTube homepage.

3.      Find and click the avatar icon on right top corner of the page.

4.      From the drop down menu click on My Channel.

5.      As you want to use YouTube account for business use, Click on “Use a business or other name”, this will make you divert to next page, where you will going to enter your business name or brand name.

6.      Press Create button, to activate your new YouTube Account.




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