How to download Pubg on Pc [In 5 Steps]

Friends today i am going solved your most asked question How to download PUBG on pc And which type of ( PC) is suitable for this game ? is the (2 GB RAM) enough for this game to run or not? So i tell u do not worry(2 GB RAM)is enough for this And you can play this game without (Graphic Card) also and with (Graphic Card)also, I mean it is not problem so do not worry you can play without it. In this article we will tell you how to download pubg and play it. If you did not play the(PUBG Game) yet in your on the computer So let us get start it. And I guarantee you (100%) that you will dependently play it on the computer.

let us get start it after an intro. Friends let us download (PUBG Game) in our (PC) with (2 GB RAM) But my PC has High Ram But you do not worry you can play it with(2 GB RAM) without (Graphic Card) If you have not ( Graphic Card) then You can play it , so no problem. Before downloading and installation i am going to do tell you more important things which are related to this game First you have to have at least (5 GB) internet data, then you can download and install this game. Because i did not find Full Pack file to download it or make the game in parts or other Solution۔ Because this game has different setup and different downloading and installing. And again i tell you if you want to download , install and play this game so you have to (5GB) internet data, And PC with (2GB RAM) So let us start it..

Step 1 :

For downloading click here. Then a page will open like this, then scroll the page, then you will find explanation of this game so you can read it.

Step 2 :

Then you will find below (download link: click here to download pubg game you have to simply click click on it so a page will open like this then click on(click here to download) it is (8 MB file)so you can download easly you can see download option you have to chose location you can chose desktop. then click on(Start Download) Download has started. let us wait for it. see Download has completed because it is (8 MB file)easy to download.

Step 3 :

Now click on (Open) now it is open like this You see the (install button) but you do not click on it. first you have to click on( customize) The set your location or drive for installation Then click on(OK) Then click on (Install button) Now you have wait for downloading to end It is downloading some important file. If you have good internet It will be done fast. Friends now it is complete and you see the (start button) But infect it is not done yet. Because some process is remain۔ So do not skip the article .

Step 4:

let us click on (Start Button) Now the main part is started Here you have to wait for complete downloading Now you see the downloading is completed. Here you have to also wait for complete downloading Friends if you enough good internet so it will be download fast. Now you can see the downloading is totally completed Now the installation is start we must wait for it now.

Step 5:

you can see our game is installed and open now you can change the language. i am going to tell you How to convert it to English you have seen the(PUBG Game) Now you can see all setting and you can read it But it is in chines language . i will tell How to convert to English Now (PUBG is open) But now you have also wait a little bet. The you press this button i think is (OK) button Now You see this you do not play it but close it Open this page and go to (menu Button) press on it Then click on setting Now press this Button And choose English language Then press this Button Now you can see our language is changed The play it you see our(pubg game) is ready

let wait little bet Now login with your Facebook ID or with another It is very easy you can do it. Now the game is totally ready, now you cane choose your fighter and press (Create Button). So our game is ready and you can see we wait little The OK and OK Then (GO) let us play it . Friends it is updated game of 2020 It is very interesting Game you will enjoy it you see it is running in very good mod If you have Internet you can it will run easy (2 GB RAM) is enough wait for a while, Now you are ready to play. Thanks to be till here.

Reviews :

After solving the query how to download pubg on pc we had try played the PUBG Mobile on the emulator Game Loop basically as a mobile emulator we have Blue Stacks but it can't play heavy games like pubG call duty or others such as mobile legends and stuff so that's why we have the game loop or Tencent that's meant for heavy gaming this is going to show us the best performance an emulator can give us okay so the FPS is set at 30 that max nice for an emulator I remember when this wouldn't go above ten the last time I tried okI see Thanks getting all this stuff so i usually play fortnite and I have I don't have much experience with PUBG so I'm going to be comparing these both well I can't get the full potential out of PUBG because its an emulator, it doesn't have the best quality will give me while performance, a little better because I am playing it on PC but still that's the first time my whole team is going together , so that's how it runs PUBG on mobile it doesn't give you the first of the full graphics just scenery you have to go near it so that doesn't have to load unnecessary shades that is a good way if you can get it a PC game running these are the basic actions I have learned in fortnight I know that's a whole lot different especially when you can build to protect yourself that kind of sucks but it is there it should be there and that guy seems a veteran well i haven't played PUBG much before. Well the major difference that I see is that PUBG is slow paced more slow-paced than fornite in fortnite if someone knocks you off your teammate doesn't have enough time to revive you or the other person will come and knock him off as well on the other hand in pubg gives you a lot of time for that and even the combat is slow paced I don't like the graphics jumping too unrealistic I don't know if you have some shield or that kind of stuff in pubg maybe this police vest and helmet is for that how does it do it.

I think I should strict with him I haven't got any kills yet storm takes too much longer I guess that's one reason that makes it slow paced but still I like the matchmaking system more because if I'm a noob I get noobs with me and teammates and enemies both the point that I hated about fortnite was that you were paired up together with pros and I never had a chance to win a match it was like you had to practice for months and then you capable of winning energy drink lets see what this does i get some kind of a bar above my head oh scar and also may bet his is kind of my Armour or stamina well this is the problem with emulators I'm getting a bottleneck like my PC can run the normal pubg that has lost better graphics at above 60 fps.