Complete Guide On Tinychat

What is Tinychat?

Tinychat is an online room on the Internet where individuals free chat, video call, or have soothing conversations with strangers. It is either through webcam or direct messages. It was launched in 2009. They communicate on any mutual topic they have. Usually people join this chat to seek sexual pleasure by looking at naked women. As per other individuals, they create a room with their friends to enjoy the super quality of online chatting.


Is Tinychat safe to use?

Often people have issues regarding its safety. To resolve this issue, this website has made it clear that Tinychat room is safe and it's reliable. Services check every account and verify it before anyone enters it's community.

To make it more clear,it's one of the basic interests of "Tinychat community" to provide safety to it's users.


Key features of Tinychat

Here are some key features of Tinychat, which will force you to make your account.

  • It has HD quality videos and starting chat is super easy.

  • You can control the number of individuals you want to add on the chat.

  • You can even block someone you don't want to chat with.

  • Signing up for this process doesn't take a lot oftime.

  • It has also launched an android and IOS application for mobile devices.

  • It is available on Google play store and Apple store free of cost.

  • You can login through your Facebook account or through any other email

  • You can send virtual gifts and text your friend privately.

  • Profile picture and description added with it may help you choose the person of your interest.

  • It contains pleasant designs and bold letters which creates excitement in older generations to use it too.


How to sign up for Tinychat?


Step 1

Type the link or click this url.


Step 2

Click on those three lines in the top right corner and tap sign on.



Step 3

Click on create your free account.



Step 4

Enter all the required information:

  • username
  • email address
  • password
  • date of birth

and click create my account.

You can even continue with your Facebook account.



How to download the Tinychat app?

  • Tap play store or apple store on your android phone.

  • Write tinychat and installit.


After installing it and creating your account, Tinychat will give you certain options to set your profile and add description about yourself.

This will help other users on "freechat now" to look for something of their interest.


How to use Tinychat?


It contains both advanced and old features. It is a mixture of both old times and modern era.

It is an uncomplicated process in which you have to gain coins from where you can buy virtual gifts. Coins are earned by sending and receiving gifts. It is one of the interesting features of Tinychat.

The points you have gained will help you cross up the level and finally you'll reach the live directory.

What is the live directory?

After reaching this level, you'll get known among members.

The point of live directory is to earn fame and name in freechat now.

You can even be promoted to a room if you have 500 coins. This also requires popularity which sometimes becomes an issue.


Is Tinychat helpful?


A lot of people look for benefits before starting anything new. Tinychat provides numerous benefits.

  • It connects you globally with strangers (mostly) and you can interact with them freely.

  • It's also a dating app, where you can look for individuals of your type or whatever type suits yourpersonality.

  • An online platform,where you don't have to meet any one in person. Here'sabenefit of Introverts

  • It is not only limited to individuals but it is also a way to connect with your friends and have unlimited fun andenjoyment.

  • Other than enjoyment and fun, you can even interact about a certain serious topic or related to world affairs with anindividual.

  • Those users who have joined Tinychat with paid subscription will get HD quality video streaming. In addition, you can join any room you prefer with no advertisements.

  • Users can also join the room without any upgrade.

  • Users who show inappropriate behaviour will be reported and their camera will be banned by Tinychat for 72hours.

It provides other numerous benefits and in this era, it's important for individuals especially

teenagers to interact and share their emotions. Video chat also sets up a platform for such teenagers to become social and share private messages with a stranger or a friend. Usually, this generation looks for individuals who don't judge and provide a comforting environment. Hence, this is a well known and a social website to interact.


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