Complete Guide On Rediffmail Login

What is Rediffmail?

Rediffmail login or Rediffmail is an email account which allows users to communicate in its effective way. originated in 1996 as 'Rediff on the net'. It was a TV channel which provided information and entertained audiences in India.

It's headquarter is located in Mumbai and around 95 million accounts are registered in this email service. It had made a successful attempt for users to send and resend mails on In addition, has introduced a mobile email service named as, 'Rediffmail.NG' and it works with the help of mobile platforms.


What's special about Rediffmail?

It has some strong qualities that forces audience's to choose Rediffmail.

  • It's reliable and it even monitors email systems to assure that your emails are always available toyou.

  • Users can have to excess to multiple ID with extrastorage.

  • Technical support is alwaysavailable.

  • Web access scans the email system to help in communicating effectively with the employee.


How to sign up a Rediffmail login account?

Step 1:

Click the link it will give take you to


Step 2:

If you're already a Rediffmail user then enter your emai land password. For new users, click on to create a new account.


Step 3:

Enter all the required information :

  • FullName
  • MailID
  • Password and Confirm Password
  • Alternative Email Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Address

Click create my account and enjoy!



How to sign in to your Rediffmail account?


Enter your:

  • Rediffmail loginusername
  • Password


How to recover my Rediffmail login password?

Here are certain ways to login to Rediffmail if you have forgotten your password.


Step 1:

Click on 'forgot password'



Step 2:

Enter your username and click the button 'submit'.



Step 3:

  • Enter all the required information as filled in the signing upform.

  • After entering the information, hint questions will be asked.

  • Follow up the mail instructions and you'll see a new password on yourscreen

  • Enter the new password and login to your account using thispassword.

  • Remember this password for logging into your Rediffmailaccount.


How to use Rediffmail login in android phone?

Step 1:

Open your mobile home screen and open Gmail app.


Step 2:

  • If you already have an account logged in then click on 3 lines (menu) on the top left corner.

  • Go to settings

  • Click on 'add account"


Step 3:

Tap on 'other' in 'set up email' portion.



Step 4:

Enter your Rediffmail login email address and click on manual setting.


Step 5:

Select POP account.


Step 6:

Enter the following details on incoming server settings screen.

  • Username: Your Rediffmail loginusername

  • Password: Your Rediffmail loginpassword.

  • POP server:

  • Security type: None

  • Port: 110

After entering the above mentioned information click Next Button.

Step 7:

Enter the following details on outgoing server settings screen:

  • SMTP server:

  • Port :25

  • Security type: None

After entering the above mentioned information click Next Button.


Step 8:

Select Email check frequency (preferably every 15 minutes).


Step 9:

Write your account name and press Done.


Now you can have access to your Rediffmail login account and you can send and receive messages.


How to download Rediffmail login in your android phone?

  • Go to play store in your androidphone

  • Write Rediffmail login on the searchbar

  • Download the official application andenjoy.