Amazing Trick : How to install snapchat on pc within 5 min

Hello and welcome to a blog on how to install snapchat on PC. unfortunately there is no native snapchat app to windows so we have to use a work around using an android emulator. everything laid out in this article is 100% free. So lets start, before going how to install snapchat on pc you need to download an android emulator. The most rated emulator that is called Nox app player,

Step 1:

Go on your web browser, go to Big Nox. then click on download.

Step 2:

Click on the finished download to begin installing. once it is installed, hit start. This is just a blog on using Nox. you can read it or skip it.

Step 3 :

once nox has launched, click the play store. For the first time you are using this android emulator, you have to go through formalities like login to a google account to access application from the google play store. Now you will also have to agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 4 :

Once to have done with all the forms, get back to the play store and look for snapchat in the search bar and download it. once it is download it will appear on the home screen of Nox application

As its been launched first time on your device , it may hold you up for couples of mints. Now you are been welcomed on your snapchat.On another scenario your camera maybe your camera is not working, If its is working, Enjoy you can access all your snapchat from now on words. Inform us with your experience of how to install snapchat on pc in the comments bellow.

If your camera is not working, then follow these steps.

After bypassing with how to install snapchat on pc. So to fix the camera error if you are still snapchat so firstly :

1 : Exit from snapchat and now click on camera on nox app.
2 : You should see a message appearing in the dialogue box please start your cam. Your camera is an app saved on your system.
3: look for the cam in the search bar of your system and click to open it.
4: Once its is opened, Get back and check it out your camera has now connected.
5: You can now exit from camera again.
6: Go back to Nox, Click on setting button, Choose for the option and click on snapchat.
7: Now go for force stop and then clear cache , And at the last click on clear data and finally click on uninstall.
8: Repet the proccess of download snapchat and login to your account. This time your snap active to entertain you and allow to use all features from your pc.


How To Install Snapchat on Pc: Tips and Tricks:

Now if you're looking for some snap shot tricks then this is the perfect place you landed. If you're looking how to make a creative snap this is the one this is the first trick here there we go just open the snap app and click a random snap and just go to the search bar and type sky and you can choose as per your choice.

For e.g you had choose blue color of the sky now you take those clouds and just arrange it in a manner it fits the screen and then go back to the search bar and type grass then arrange it in a like tilting position and there you go again go back and type running there are a lot of ones so go and pick one here then place it as it's running on the grass and then you may pick another one.

This one as it's chasing the other one so this is kind of a funny meme. Isn't it cool trick after learning how to install snapchat on pc


Get Verified on Snapchat :

You must find it juicy article related How to install Snapchat on pc. Again here in this part of article i will goona tell you how to get verified on Snapchat. In other social app company has came up with verification request option,

But in the case of Snapchat you have to go through by filling a form which you will find on their support page.

Remember this is not a cup of cake to get verified on snapchat. To enhance your chances, Firstly you should boost-up your snaps and the views you received on the snaps after that follow these simple steps to know how to can try to get verification tick. Go to your profile page,

There you will see setting icon in the top right side of your screen. In the last section of the page you will see there support section and then press on I Need Help.

Once you do it, you will be moved to the support.snapchat.compage. Press the Contact us button. Choose the option My Snapchat isn’t working. Tap Other. By filling answer to a question, go for yes and click on My issue in not listed. Now you need to fill in the form.

In the next step fill the form correctly by writing your user id, Email address, Phone number and for sure don't forget to highlight when did you start having problem with it.

But the very most important part is to explain why they should make you verified. There you can write the sentence like this "My account is being impersonated and my followers are watching the wrong snaps. Being verified will help my viewers and followers to follow my authentic account.

To ensure the batter result you also can insert supports, like your national id copy or if you are a company, upload incorporation articles copy. Once you are done with all the details, then submit the form and hope for the good. That’s it!

I hope this guide named as how to install snapchat on pc was helpful and you were able to get verified on Snapchat.

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