Important DC Universe Online News!

Important DC Universe Online News!

You can ask anybody - I’m abnormally obsessed with Harley Quinn, so it’s no surprise that I’ve been writing about DC Universe Online like a mad woman. Well, today, I have both upsetting and joyful news for fans.

I’ll start with the bad, so the good will leave you with a sweet taste in your mouth! The bad news is DC Universe Online’s release date has been pushed back to early 2011, about 2-4 months later than its earlier announced November release.

To make up for it, Sony Online Entertainment has made extra efforts to make fans smile again! DC Universe Online has entered the external beta testing phase, and VIP keycard holders & players registered at the DCUO website will begin having access to said basis on a priority basis starting as early as next week. If you’re still kind of pissed because you already pre-ordered the game, and now you’ll have to wait even longer - don’t fear! Sammi (well, SOE) is here to save the day! They have guaranteed that everyone who pre-orders the game before November 15 will have access to the beta by November 30.

For the stragglers who don’t pre-order DCUO until after Novermber 15, well, you’ll have access to the beta about a week before the game’s release. Both offers are for those in North America, however. So worldwide fans, you won’t be very happy with this news!

To try to make up for this upsetting news even more, DCUO beta participants will also receive a special emblem for their character when the game goes live.

In addition to all this, SOE has announced there will also be a Collector’s Edition released for PS3, which will include the same items as the PC version. For those of you who live under a rock, those items are: the DCUO Batman statue, the limited edition Art of DC Universe Online art book, the DCUO Legends Issue #0 comic book with a Jim Lee variant cover, the DCUO Prestige comic presentation of the DCUO back-story and the limited edition Jim Lee-drawn poster Version of the Issue #0 comic book variant cover.

Hopefully this combination of good and bad news will make you feel better. If it doesn’t, try checkig out the trailer, screenshots and stare at Lex Luthor kicking ass until the beta is released. Enjoy!

Sammi is an avid gamer who enjoys seeing ink on paper almost as much as she likes seeing it on her skin. When she isn't drag-racing, Sammi is busy finding someone who will listen to her long-winded rant about why the Oxford comma is an absolutely mandatory part of a proper sentence.
  • Kyle

    This is the one MMO that might actually do it for me. Normally I loathe MMOs. I’ve tried several. None of them have kept me going for long. But man, if being Batman’s best friend doesn’t get me hooked, nothing will.

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