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Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – Tron Bonne & X-23

Personally, I’m not particularly excited about either of these characters appearing in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but hey, maybe one of you guys happens to be shit-your-pants excited about it.  Tron Bonne was an antagonist in a Mega Man game who developed feelings for Mega Man (or some such crap), and X-23 is a female clone of Wolverine (this makes how many clones/derivatives of Wolverine now?).

Gameplay videos and character art below:


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  • lindsey

    Tron Bonne is the shit. In MvC 2, I would use B.B. Hood, Tron Bonne and then a third I would mix up like Blackheart. With Tron Bonne and B.B. Hood, you can get some seriously amazing specials. One of my faves is when you get Tron Bonne pulling the Servbot train and then B.B. out there with guns blazing. It takes away a serious amount of damage, so I’m stoked that Miss Bonne is back.

  • Kyle

    You ever done a three on three Servebot only match? That…that is an interesting experience. I’m never doing that again, but it was interesting to say the least. You should try it, just to see how stupid a fight can get.

  • lindsey

    Ooh, no, I haven’t… but I want to now! Servbot is so cute and tiny, and I got a kick out of seeing him in Dead Rising. I had a blast bashing the zombies with his head XD

  • Kyle

    Servebots should make a comeback. And no, not as cute lil’ extras in other Capcom games. Mega Man Legends 3 dammit! Make it happen!

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